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Re: Quattro Club USA/Driving Schools

> >  Is anyone on the net going to the Virginia City Hillclimb in June? 
> >  Also, can anyone give me information on how the Hillclimb is run?
> I was there last year, and I'll go again for sure if I can get the 'ol 
> URQ back together in time.  BTW, it was at the hillclimb that my engine 
> blew up, but don't let that scare you off, it is really *A LOT* of fun.
> It's a ~5 mile course on some old highway leading up to the small town of
> Virginia City that the quattro and Porsche clubs have the local police
> shut down for the duration of this 2 day event.  This is a road that must 
> truley have been designed by the God Of Roads, for it is filled with a
> brilliant mixture of fast complexes and long sweepers (with a ~1500 ft 
> elevation change thrown in just to make things interesting) that truely test
> the limits of both the car and your driving ability.  The idea is to simply
> go up it as fast as you can.  Note that this is not a typical quattro 
> club driving seminar, where you have an instructor in your car telling 
> you what you're doing wrong, and telling you about the virtues of AWD 
> handling - rather, it's just you, your car, and "The Hill", and god save 
> you if you go off the side of the road...(remember that 1500 ft elevation
> change? ;-)
>                                                          Dan Bocek
>                                                          dan@di.com
  Thank you Dan.  Does anyone ever run more than one person in a car?
Or can you only run a driver?  Thanks again.