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Re: ins for "special" vehicles

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  What you need to do here is a number of things:

  1) verify that your insurance company means _actual market cash value_,
  as in what the market would pay for a given
  automobile/condition/miles/upgrades/etc, and not just the actual cash
  value for an "average" similar automobile.

  2) DOCUMENT those mods, maintenance, upgrades, etc.

  3) DOCUMENT sales prices of similar automobiles

  4) be prepared to present your case and documentation to prove/justify
  the _true_ "actual cash value" of the vehicle to the insurance company

  5) if the cash value is an order of magnitude greater than the typical
  market value of a similar auto in typical condition, you should have your
  ins co inspect the vehicle to confirm the value and/or have the vehicle
  appraised and/or purchase a rider for the additional value above and
  beyond that of a typical similar vehicle.

  I use the "documentation" and "sales price" approach to prove the "actual
  cash value" of my '85 ur-Quattro, as this is relatively easy to prove and
  the coverage is affordable. On the other hand, I use the ins co
  inspection/appraisal approach for my '73 RA IV 455HO Firebird, as it is
  very heavily modified and is worth >>>2x the typical "actual cash value",
  ($15-18k), and this coverage is also very affordable on an automobile of
  this vintage. This is all with AMICA, a very easy-to-do-business-with,
  very consumer friendly/proactive ins co, very good prices as well. Other
  ins cos may not be so accomodating.....    :(


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Points to ponder:

     For those who have invested heavily $$$$ in your Audis with various
high dollar performance and cosmetic upgrades. In the case of an accident
in which your beloved Audi is "totaled", is there an insurance company
which will reimburse you for what you've actually invested in the car or do
you have to settle for, in the words of State Farm: "fair market value" ?
This is especially true for those with early Ur's.  Some of the
modifications I've seen on these Ur's have easily doubled what the blue
book value for the cars. DO you all have special insurance or are you
tempting fate ?

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