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Re: 86 Ur-q in IA for sale

>OK, here are the details.
>I've come to my senses and will not try to buy
>this special lovely auto so, here is the scoop.
>(boo hoo :-( )
>I hope someone on this list can get it.  
>It sounds like a real find.
>1986 Audi Turbo Quattro Coupe
>83,500 original miles, second owner purchased 91
>Marachino Red (not the 'arrest me red' darker)
>Platinum Leather interior
>All options except heated seats.
>Build date is April 86 - claims the car uses
>87 model year components; climate control from 87,
>10 speaker stereo, 87 dash, etc...
>Claims body is in good shape (no rust).
>Repairs mentioned:
>Fool pump, front wheel bearings, alternator
>auxil water pump, heater core, blower motor,
>climate control solenoid (?), battery, front
>breaks, tires (P4000s).
>Minor body repairs mentioned from parking lot
>Car is being sold by 
>Rusty in Cedar Rapids, IA
>319 390 0509 home
>319 378 5603 work
>Rusty sounded motivated to sell the car.  Only two
>other interested parties at this point.  He is 
>planning on buying an S4 (envy...).
>Go nuts folks...

It's not a coupe, guys...but everything else is right.  Asking price $7500/obo.