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Re: ...no subject...

On Feb 8, 10:13pm, Johann Lin wrote:
> Subject: ...no subject...
> Points to ponder:
>      For those who have invested heavily $$$$ in your Audis with various high
> dollar performance and cosmetic upgrades. In the case of an accident in which
> your beloved Audi is "totaled", is there an insurance company which will
> reimburse you for what you've actually invested in the car or do you have to
> settle for, in the words of State Farm: "fair market value" ?  This is
> especially true for those with early Ur's.  Some of the modifications I've
> seen on these Ur's have easily doubled what the blue book value for the cars.
> DO you all have special insurance or are you tempting fate ?
> JoJo
>-- End of excerpt from Johann Lin

I had this same problem with a restored MG I used to own. I was told by
Allstate to keep all receipts, pictures of the car during the restoration
process, and before and after pictures. They claimed they'd cover the restored
value of the car. Luckily, I never had to find out.

This situation also arises when people restore classics, build hot rods, etc.
Most insurance companies can and will deal with it if they know in advance what
you've got and you can document it. Try explaining it to your agent and see
what happens.

-- Rob

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