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No Subject

	Let's try it again! What I typed was not what was sent.

	Thanx to those that answered the oil fill question.

	Apparently you missunderstood.  This was not about the mechanics of
introducing oil into the transmission but into the rear of the transmission, the center differential.  There really is no way for oil to get there below the
normal fill plug level.  The only clear passage is located above the normal 
transmission oil level.  The only passage at the normal oil level is through 
the pinion shaft roller bearing.  It would take a considerable time for this to
occur and might mislead one to think that the transmission was filled.  I found this out when i removed the center diff. drain plug and found the cavity dry!

	The only way I know that you can assure yourself that oil is back there is to fill the transmission either from one of the several access plugs in the
center diff. (not really accessible with an assemble car) or by somehow sealing
a fill line to the transmission that would allow you to "overfill" the transmis-sion (get the level high enough to pass over to the rear).  You would have to keep track of the volume of oil used and and compensate for the overflow drainback
	Now do you understand why I was looking for a "trick"?!

	Has anyone used mobil synthetic gear lube?  how are the shifts?
	How about Castrol Syntec in the transaxle?
	how much horsepower is the 5000cstq transaxle designed to handle?