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Re: Quattro Club USA/Driving Schools

> > Thank you Dan.  Does anyone ever run more than one person in a car?
> > Or can you only run a driver?  Thanks again.
> You can have a passenger if you want.  You both have to have helmets,
> however, and the added weight of a passenger will end up slowing you down
> in the long run.  I did get a chance to ride in some Ferrari's last time,
> ... boy, some of those things really dog it in the high altitude, making
> the small turbo 5's give them a run for the money. 
> Oh, BTW, I just realized in my last post about this that I said it was 
> the Audi and Porsche clubs which put this on.  It was way too late in the 
> evening when I posted that... the event is hosted by the Audi and 
> *Ferrari* clubs.  Sorry for the confusion.
>                                                          Dan Bocek
>                                                          dan@di.com
  Ok, so you can run with a passenger.  Anyone who might run interested
in having a passenger? I'm refering to myself.  There is no way I could
get my car out there, but I really want to be part of it!  Just
wondering. . .