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Fwd: RE: 1995 Quattro Club Ev...

Hey, I checked my old stuff and found the event sched. I think someone was
looking for it. I think the dates for July are wrong, because the 10 and 11
are monday and tuesday....anyone else know for sure?

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Here is the 1995 Quattro Club USA Event Schedule. The club can be reached at

Quattro Club USA
7700 Quattro Drive
Chanhassen, MN  55317
phone 612.474.8628
fax 612.474.0379

I also think people can join the club as an associate member without owning 
a quattro.

1995 Quattro Club USA Event Schedule

Feb  9-10   Winter Driving School
        11-12   Steamboat Springs, CO

        17-18   Portland International Raceway
                      Portland, OR

Mar 11-12   Thunderhill Park
                       Willows, CA

Apr  8-9        Blackhawk Farms
                       Rockton, IL

         29-30   Grattan Race Park
                       Grand Rapids, MI

May 25-26  Brainerd International Raceway
                      Brainerd, MN

Jun   3-4     Second Creek Raceway
                     Denver, CO

         22-25  Virginia City Hillclimb
                      Virginia City, NV

Jul  10-11   Watkins Glen International Raceway
                      Watkins Glen, NY

Aug 14-15   Lime Rock Park
                       Lakeville, CT

Sep   17-18 Summit Point
                       Summit Point, WV

Oct    6-8      10th Annual Quattro Club Saftey Seminar and Autocross
                       Brainerd International Raceway
                       Brainerd, MN

Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com