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Re: UR_quattro_questions

in response to my question about 700 mile life-span of my ignition parts-

On 7 Feb 1995 glen.powell@smc.com wrote:

>   Are you replacing both the cap and the rotor at the same time and with
>   Bosch parts?
>   -glen
 Always. So far I'm suspecting the wires, even though they've been 
replaced. (of course with bosch).  What kind of performance wires can I 
use? I tried some nice 8mm zero resistance copper core wires, and after 
running nicely for about 90 sec. the computer would cut power to the 
coil. The car would restart immediately and run another 90 sec. I 
reinstalled the bosch wired and the car ran fine. Except it continues to 
consume caps and rotors.  Last I checked a set of "Blue Ignitors" cost 
about $125+ and these wires still have a high resistance.  While they 
sure are pretty to look at I don't think I'll see $125 of improvement. 
Am I wrong?  I assume excessive resistance is the main cause of the 
deposits on the inside of my distributor cap and on the rotor itself. 
Is this correct? 

New question:
  Is the updated rear suspension, with relocated tie rods and deleted 
sway bar really superior to the early set up like I have. I assume Audi 
didn't make this change for no reason. Is there something sufficiently 
"wrong" with the early setup that I should consider switching to the 
newer configuration?