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Re: Boost

I estimated the hp by isolating this addition (one of the few I did as stand
alone) with the vericom and/or the g alnalyst (can't remember which since I
did it about 1 1/2 yrs ago...  I did help a guy do this (EH the exh impellor
and housing only) on a 944turbo that sat on the dyno and we got +14hp @6200
isolating the EH and a torque increase as well (1.8bar at 2100rpm vs 1.8@3k
b4).  Definitely a must do at 100.00.  All you need is some patience (EH
turnaround is about 2weeks) and a rebuild kit for your turbo.  Just about
EVERY racer that runs a turbo has this as a speed secret (no more!).  If you
want some more unbelievable numbers, send your intake/head/exhaust man/turbo
as a single unit to EH and they will match all four components and the
results of this defy any logical explanation, the results are phenominal...