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Re: Quattro Club USA/Driving Schools

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Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 00:44:34 -0800
From: Dan Bocek <dan@di.com>
Reply-To: <199502102205.AA14495@swiss.ans.net>
Subject: Re: Quattro Club USA/Driving Schools
To: quattro@swiss.ans.net

> You may want to SHARE a car.  In the Watkins Glen event, there is a 
> for 2 drivers to share a car.  Usually the clubs give a price break for the 
> second driver.  Usually the person who is sharing is a GOOD FRIEND.  There 
> very few peoply I would let use my car on a track.

Well, I'm afraid the quattro club is quite stingy about sharing cars - I 
believe that for last year, there was a $15 price difference between having
your own car and driving another's.  Oh, the entry fee was ~$250.
You are correct. Unfortunately, there is as actually more work involved when 2 
people share a car.  I tried to convince the club that there should be no 
price break at all.  The second driver gets the same instruction as the 1st.  
Then there is the problem of scheduling the same car in 2 different groups.  
This is a large problem if both drivers are at the same driving level, when 
you only have one beginner group and 2 beginners in the same car.  You see my 
problem.  Also the Glen is VERY expensive.  $4000/day for the track and approx 
$1100/day for the insurance. Not to mention additional expenses for getting 
the club eqpt. from MN.  By all calculations it takes 50 paid entrants @ $250 
each just to break even.  Last years event had only 33 paid, so you can see 
the problem. Now if you want a banquet and T-Shirts and all the other trivia, 
well that cosst money too.  Believe me  even @ $250, you won't go away 

It's a big undertaking at no small cost.

If you're interested in helping out, or if you have any other ideas I would be 
glad to hear from you.


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