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Re: Front-end creak on 5000 ...

	1. Car must be in motion, > 30 mph.
	2. Cannot replicate by "rocking" the car by hand.
	3. Happens only on bumps, lasts as long as the bump, but usually
	does *not* happen on large 

Check strut bearing.... tough to dupe by hand, because rocking my hand is essentialy a large low freq bump...
	1. Strut/shock-absorber.
	2. Lower ball-joint.
	3. CV joint.

1) Probably
2) Possibly, but not likely, they give a really bad CLUNK when they start to go bad, plus you can grab the wheel itself and shake it will duplicate the noise if it is ball joint.
3) Not likely at all, this would be heard around corners mostly as a crackling sound.