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Re: Front-end creak on 5000 ...

On Feb 13, 12:24pm, William Murin wrote:
> Subject: Re: Front-end creak on 5000 ...
> My '87 400 Q had a creak-groan, not a creak-grind.  We replaced front
> struts and the A frame rubber busings.  Problem went away. I have this
> sneaky feeling that the bushing replacement alone would have done the
> trick, but since the front end was apart anyway, decided to err on the
> side of conservatism and do both.  You dont mention the mileage on your
> Q, but on mine it was at about 105,000 miles.
>-- End of excerpt from William Murin

	D*mn we need sound attachments :-) !  Could certainly be the
	same problem as yours: I have 102K on mine (though it isn't
	a Quattro).  Where are these A-frame rubber bushings, anyway?

	Thanks for the tip!