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91 V8 Quattro

Thought I would let everyone know about looking at the car.  After seeing 
the car I know why it was so cheap.  It had been driven through some very 
tuff underbrush and completely ruined the paint.  It also had high milage.
I think around 130k +.  Other than that it drove and ran perfect.  The 5 
speed really changes that car from a slow dog to a brisk people mover.
Well not a slow dog but it had never lived up to its sum of parts with 
the slush box.  Why did I not buy it?  A lady from D C flew down on business
and decided to drive it back home with her.  I drove up as the deal was 
being finalized( that sucked hard)  O well there is still a 91 200 with 
my name on it somewhere.  

Positive note.
   A friend of my fathers bought a 86 5000tq for $900.00.  It would not 
crank and it also needed all 4 wheel bearings and cv joints.  We looked 
at it sunday and tried to figure out what the h*** was wrong with it.  
Remembering a trick from my 81 5000,  I stuck my hand in the air intake 
and pushed the air vane open and it fired right up.  It seems that the 
car had been sitting up for about a year and the gas had leaked onto the 
vane and turned into varnish which had caused the vane to stick closed.  
after cleaning it, the car would run great and was in very good shape for 
its age.  A elderly couple had owned it and then bought a new lexus, 
decided to keep the audi for a second car.  They then took it to a shop 
after it would not crank,  decided to sell it after the estimate($$$$).
They subtracted the estimate from the average book value =$900.00
Why cant I ever catch these kind of deals.  I would have been happy with 
either car but that is the way it goes.