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Re: Was:newbie questions

>Hey Sport,
>How the hell are you, now that you've given up Carefree Batchelorhood (for 
>wedded Bliss)?
Damn, I go away for a couple of days, and
I miss all the party invites.

FWIW,  BLISS  =  bachelor lost in spousal servitude

( Yeah, yeah lots of :-)  , right now it feels like Monday cubed)

>We need to get together for BBQ, and then do some serious damage to some
>champers (at my place)!
>Planning Info:

Obligatory Audi reference:

Does anyone have a problem with the leather peeling off
the door (just the passenger side), my mech figures if I put
up a big enough stink, the dealer might kick in for parts

I'd rather just get it replaced rather than attempt a 
kluged fix, but if someone has learned another way, that
would be great.


jim h

remember, if you're not the lead dog the scenery never changes