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Re: help w/4ks halfshafts

>On Tue, 14 Feb 1995, Marty Udisches wrote:

>> I went down to the local Auto Parts Club and ordered two of TRW's
>> 22054R reman halfshaft assemblies; they're cheaper than two each
>> of inner joints, outer joints and boots.  Imagine my surprise when
>> I noticed that the bolt pattern on the inner end was a few millimeters
>> *smaller* on the TRW parts than the driver's side halfshaft I had pulled!
>> I know the application should be correct--I actually saw it in the
>> TRW catalog.  Sooo, either my car (or stub axles) is/are unusual, or Audi
>> made a change and didn't tell anyone, or ??????

>I know the shaft assemblies interchange between the 82-84 4ks as I did a 
>swap myself to a friend's car.  

>According to the IPC catalog:
>	all manual trans 4ks (non-q)   1980-1984 are the same
>	they are also same left-right
>	all manual trans 4ks (non-q)  1985-1987 are the same
>	they are also the same left-right

>The shafts for the auto trans are different lengths.  All of the manual 
>trans parts (except diesel/quattro) will interchange left-right.

>I think what you got was shafts for an auto trans, but I'm not sure.
>				---Bob
>			---87 4000S, 1.8L

Just to complicate things......

According to the Bentley manual, the only shafts that were the same length 
right and left, are on the four speed manual trans. Five speeds and autos, 
have different length shaft and are not interchangeable right to left.

I looked it up last night. I don't have the manual with me now, but if 
you want, I'll post the exact numbers tomorrow.

Bentley does not list the diameter of the inner CVs for the non-Qs. However, 
the Quattros are listed as having a diameter of 100mm or 108mm, depending 
on what page you look at. This may indicate a running change in the 4000 
line-up. Who knows?

'86 4000CS Quattro