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RE: General questions on 82 4000s

> -albeit long- shake down run.  (I did take a shorter one first.)  Things I 
>have noticed that actually cause concern mostly involve the engine.  The 1.7 
>4cyl that came with these cars have a 3.5 qt. oil capacity.  I noticed the 
>oil light coming on briefly several times.
>   * Hard right turns and bumps that put your stomach in your throat would 
>trip the light. No problem typical oil starvation due to lack of baffling.

I think this is the valve stem seals (that's what the two quarts in the front
were for). It's been this way for about three years. There's a little
consumption in the summer and more in the winter.

>   * If I was in fifth gear, about 2200 RPM and trying to accelerate, the 
>light would begin to come on.  Dim at first with a little/quiet buzzer 
>growing brighter/louder if I continued without downshifting.  This scenario 
>holds for other gears.

This started after a recent maintenance in which I believe they put in too much
oil. They recommended that I change the sensor (which I did), but the problem
persisted. It doesn't seem to cause problems though.