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Re: License Plate

>At 5:27 PM 2/16/95, Steven Buchholz wrote:
>>YEAH RIGHT!  I'm gonna be able to read & remember that license number as
>>I pass between the wheels!  Tha's a good one!  Maybe they expect to get
>>an imprint of the number from your legs!  The real reason is so that the
>>photo-RADAR they have can get your license number along with your mugshot.

Then it's time to wear that ski mask on the way to work.

>I agree with Steve about the use of front plates for accidents, yea, sure.
>Photo Radar it is.  In Washington, they use the claim that they can check
>and see of your tags are current.  I am sorry, I cannot read that quickly

>WASPs (WAshington State Patrol) use laser-guns for speed control, and aim
We don't call it speed control anymore - it's RE (revenue enhancement)

>for the plates.  It has been speculated that these lasers, if pointed at
>the windshield, could blind the driver/passenger, so aim for the plates. 

I don't think this is the case, since if one person was blinded and killed
in the ensuing crash the lawsuit would erase 10 years of revenue 
enhancement.  Actually I've tried one of these out, not the lightest of
units but easy enough to aim after a little practice.  Its my understanding 
they aim for the plate because it gives them the best/earliest return
(along with the headlamps)

>My Audi is running pretty good now, BTW.
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jim h