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100/5000 rear anti-roll bars

This evening, as I came out of the grocery store, milk-and-eggs in hand, I
found a late-model 100CS parked alongside my '87 5000s.  Curious about how
similar the suspension is between the two cars, I pulled the mat out of my
trunk, laid it on the ground so as not to get dirty (I was still wearing a
suit at the time!) and took a look around...

I couldn't see much up front because of the undertray but I did notice the
rear axle has an additional anti-roll bar tucked up inside the channel ...
does anyone know how thick this is and/or whether they are used on various
other models?  I've got a now-discontinued Suspension Techniques bar on my
car (purchased used and without the matching front bar) and now that I've
recently installed an H&R spring set as well as the 25mm front bar from an
'86 Quattro, I think I need more rear roll-stiffness to balance things out
again (especially since I'd like to go with a 28mm bar provided I can ever
find one). 

BTW, the front bar on my '91 100 measures 19mm, on my '87 5000 wagon, it's
24mm and the original bar on my 5000s was 22mm ... at 25mm, the Quattro bar
was the thickest I was able to locate but something tells me there's a 28mm
bar available out there somewhere.

The folks at Suspension Techniques faxed me the blueprint to their bars but
no one I've found around here's willing to tackle the machining and bending
involved so the Audi parts bin is my only alternative. Alas, neither of the
local dealers (soon to become just one, this in a town with a population of
1.2M people!) will allow me access to their parts fiches so any advice from
those not so impaired will be greatly appreciated.

(Yes, I know I SHOULD be putting the time and money into getting my wrecked
'91 200 TQW back on the road but I've really grown quite fond my 5000s -- I
prefer it to my '91 100, which I find much too soft and cushy for my tastes,
not to mention the 4-speed automatic that continually "hunts" between gears
and locks/unlocks the converter -- and it's worth so little these days that
it doesn't make $en$e to $ell it.  As difficult as I find it to BUY cars, I
find it even more difficult to SELL them!)  

As always, thanks in advance for any bouquets and/or brickbats.

                /| |_| |> | - |> |_| |> |  (AudiDudi@delphi.com) 
               1981 4000; 1985 4000s; 1987 5000 & 5000W; 1991 100