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Re: 100/5000 rear anti-roll bars

On Sat, 18 Feb 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> Hey eliot, why didn't you do the Konis, sachs (me, but know why), or
> bilsteins...  Like to know your thinkin b4 I make the jump on my 5ktq...

simple.  bilstein doesn't make anything for the car.  koni and tokiko i
think only makes the low grade stuff.  not even gas charged.  the high
grade stuff ain't available. boge pro gas was the *only* thing left after
every other brand got eliminated.  the v8 uses the same shocks as the
5000/200 q's so my comments apply to those cars too.   i would have liked
bilsteins but that's life i guess.

>  Just saw a post from a guy offering his '91 5spd v8, 65k guess what this guy
> was smokin...  how bout 29.5k...  I couldn't resist the response on that
> one...  

he figgered that there aren't too many 5spd v8's around..  personally if i
were to go 5 speed i'd take a s4 and then go see ned.