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Fresh Air/Recirc. Spring Broken

I have a '90 100 Q, and it would appear that the spring for the fresh 
air/recirc flap is broken. The flap will open ( to recirc. ( as looking 
under the glove compartment ) on 'OFF' or 'AUTO (LO)'; however it will 
not close back up to allow fresh air on any other setting. 
I was wondering if anyne would tell me the procedure for fixing the 
spring - I couldn't see any visible spring hanging around, so I sort of 
assume it must be on the other side, but I can't find the other side. 
There is a big black plastic thing over the back of the engine, and I am 
guessing it is under this. 

Anyone know?/Hints?/Suggestions?


bo    brooks@alpha.pr1.k12.co.us            Brooks Ellis                  de