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Re: Audi Diagnostics

In message <9502141913.AA02013@newkla.kla.com> Steven Buchholz writes:
> If someone has a fax modem on their computer they shouldn't need to re-scan
> the documents.  By definition they get scanned when they are faxed ... all
> that would be needed would be to save the received fax pages to a file.  Is
> the resolution of the scanned image better than a faxed page?

I have a fax machine on my desk, and a fax modem at the other end.  Also two 
phone lines, so I can fax paper to myself and collect it in binary.

I also have a current copy of the diagnostic codes.  Unfortunately, the 
official works copy of the paper I have (just arrived from Germany) has been 
photo-reduced (four pages onto one) and is in immaculate Kraut.

Perhaps when I get a few moments on a train with a laptop.  I never realised a 
urq's computer could recognise to many conditions ...

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