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Re: NO2 injection

Shouldn't be any probs with the cat or the O2 sensor...  The cat would not be
affected by a sudden burst of Ox, not sure why its a concern, unless you're
thinking about the additional backpressure...  But your tailpipe readings
won't be affected...  Re: the O2 sensor...  There shouldn't be a problem here
because the fuel demand under closed throttle is almost nil anyhow...  The
86> turbos, in fact, use a flap air dump to the airbox during closed
throttle....  The fact that the q's ran the compressed air during the
hillclimb is interesting, and probably more effective than a bypass, but only
for the 15min of top of the hill thrills...  More effective, maybe, but not
more practical...  The performance gains, on anything but a full race car
setup, would be minimal vs a simple vacuum valve.  Also, found out that my
bros. '89 Ford Probe turbo uses this valve (and he indicated that it is a
very healthy dia., BTW), not sure on the price, but it is available at your
local ford dealer..