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Re: Cosmoline

According to Bob D'Amato:
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> As I had recently mentioned, I just picked up a 90 20VQ, which was in extraordinary shape. However when you pop the hood open, the engine is covered with cosmoline that looks like sh*t.
> What can I use to get rid of it without destroying rubber or wiring etc??? I tried gunk, and wd40, and both was useless... I DONT want to try brake cleaner on the rubber stuff!
> also... will an exhaust system (from rear of cat back..) from a non 20v 90 fit this car???
> Thanks!
> bob

If it is cosmoline then mineral spirits should remove it.  If it does
not then it is some other prreservative that I know nothing about.
A steam cleaner can also be effective in cosmoline removal.


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