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Re: turbo theories Part n**2

On Mon, 20 Feb 1995, Robert D. Houk wrote:

>    Geez... and I thought superchargers were bad... This is REALLY bad!
> No no, superchargers are GOOD!
> Someone was looking for a mantra:
>    "SOUPerCHARGEr! TURboCHARGEr! Rah Rah Rah!"
> I've seem the ubiquitous navel-contemplating "Om" pronounced both mono-
> syllabically as 'Ohm' and poly-syllabically as "Ahh Umm", so I suppose
> "Audi" can be dutifully chanted "Ahh Dee" (or "Oww Dee"), although it's
> not completely clear to me what part of the anatomy one should be con-
> templating . . .

	The obvious--the wallet!

Shea Rutstein