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Re: Transmission Linkage Quattro Digest V1 #559

Shea Rutstein writes: re 86 5000s manual transmission:
	...it is very hard to get into either 5th or reverse.
	Has anyone had experience with adjusting the linkage and is 
	the tool absolutely necessary?  Could there be another cause?

	I've not had any experience with the 5000, but on a 4000 Q it
	is not necessary to use a tool!
	The procedure on a 4000 Q, once you've removed the shift console
	is to adjust the gear shift likage housing to center the slack
	between the stops in 1st and 5th gears. You should have equally spaced
	"spring back" between the stop and the free position.

	If you have too much slop, there is another problem with I've corrected
	on two different 4000 Qs. The transmission gear selector lever on 		the "opposite end of the linkage from the shift knob" has a pressed
	in ball, which couples to the linkage.
	This ball becomes loose in the forged lever and creates lots of slop
	in both for and aft and side to side motion. When the slop gets
	large enough if makes engaging both 1st and 5th/reverse difficult.

	Remove the lever from the transmission by removing the linkage and 
	the bolt, you will see that the end of the ball was pressed and 
	punched to retain it in the arm. It is now loose. You can tighten 
	it up by peening the end of the ball where it passes thru the arm.

	Support the ball on a vice or anvil and gently hammer away with 
	with a ball pein hammer (sp?) to swell the pin, and head over 
	the material on the back side of the lever.

	Good luck, John