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Re: NO2 injection

Sounds like there will be a stoning!! a FORD part on an audi??  Will it 
work? If you make it really hard to access, need special tools, make it 
special order AND triple the price,.. THEN it will fit on an Audi!!

On Tue, 21 Feb 1995, Rod L. Wiggins wrote:

> > bros. '89 Ford Probe turbo uses this valve (and he indicated that it is a
> > very healthy dia., BTW), not sure on the price, but it is available at your
> > local ford dealer..
> > 
> > 
> > Scott
> > 
>  Blasphemer!!!  A Ford part on my Audi?  I'd surely have to cleverly 
> diguise it as a Bosch part, perhaps by hanging an enourmous price tag on 
> it.   Well I'm sure its not actually MADE by Ford, more likely a Mazda 
> part like the rest of the car...         However, if it has a big enough 
> diameter I just might be interested...  Hmmm I bet its pretty cheap..
> -Rod 

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