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RE: turbo theories Part ???

It would seem to me that if the O2 sensor were to see a bad ratio of 
o2/co2 it would adjust the engine management accordingly... If O2 were 
injected, it would change the reading, as would injecting co. Unless Im 
really off base on this one, injecting co2 seems like a good idea, it 
wont affect the readings...Its 'safe' to carry...less than dirt cheap.
Seems to me that this would make more sense than fuel injected upstream 
of the Turbo.... It wouldnt burn as cleanly as a 'managed' combustion... 
that would screw up the readings of the sensors more....

On Tue, 21 Feb 1995, Stulen James wrote:

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> |
> Couldn't you use compressed CO2, that would avoid the problem of affecting 
> the O2 sensor. Or have I really missed the boat here?  Would there be a down 
> side to using CO2, storage? sensor effects?
> Curious,
> James

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