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Re: Audi's V6

I have a 100 V6 and the engine has been very solid. Nearly 50k, 20 in the 
last year. It costs a lot to service, but then V.A.G. in the UK are top rip 
off merchants and everything costs a lot there, and they never fix it, 
b**tards. The only problem with the car has been the Autocheck thing, it 
goes haywire occasionally and displays gobbledegook, or "Bremslicht" when 
there is nothing wrong withe the break lights. The auto tranny is pretty 
good too. Mine is the earlier switchable one, and the car goes like a 
train in sport mode. If you use the handle to hold it in second or third, 
it'll whizz past traffic. Consumption is poor, about 20mpg on average, 
but a fast European trip had that down in the teens and sometimes lower, 
but who cares? The engine is very quiet, it is far too easy to pull 100 
on the motorway without realising it. On any roads, one feels safe doing 
20 mph over the usual limit. Smooth, refined and torquey, if not outright 
powerful. Acceleration is very rapid up until 120 (it changes out of 
third at 115), then it is merely progressive. The car topped 140 in 
France and Germany, and was able to cruise on quite steep autoroutes and 
autobahns at 120 all day, slowing only for fuel. The wipers work the 
upstrokes slowly in excess of 125 mph. Breaks are pretty strong, too. The 
car can accelerate to over 105, then decelerate to nothing in less than 
half a mile (useful eh?). A great car.



 On Tue, 21 Feb 1995 mspivak@hyperdesk.com wrote:

>      Can anyone comment on the Audi's V6 reliability?
>      I remember seeing quite a few tech bulletins for '92 100s.
>      For the '92 and up are there still familiar (too familiar) issues with 
>      the hydraulics?
>      Thanks,
>      Marat