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Re: 4K oil light/buzzer

Here is a recap of what I had found on the issue of the buzzing oil warning....

I had an '84 4000sq which scared the heck out of me one day while on my way home, the oil warning light and buzzer came on around a corner. After CAREFULLY driving it the rest of the way home, I promptly added a real VDO oil pressure gauge. (my 4000 had no pressure gauge, just a light).  At idle I noticed I had sufficient pressure, so I tried to recreate it. I rounded a corner, and the buzzer went on with the light, but the gauge still read OK. I knew it was a wiring problem somewhere. My cure? Ignore it for now.  Then it got worse, it would do it on less severe corners, then on the straight aways etc....eventually my water temp light and buzzer joined in the fun.
One day I decided to fix it once and for all.. I found that there is a small loom of wires (maybe 3 or 4 in it) that runs behind the distributer cap, along the firewall vertically, then down to 'under' the car.  This loom chafed through and was grounding out on the lower frame member...it had apparently also affected my reverse lights, making them flicker as well, but just never noticed!
I promptly repaired and taped them up, and all was fixed again.  
You will need a flashlight to see it, and you will wish you had long multi-jointed arms to get to the problem.. it took me a while!
Hope this fixes it, but like each car, each problem is different!