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Re: Pulling to right

> My under 3000km Audi quattro is suffering from a pulling to the right.
> This occurs if Im traveling on a straight road, if I let go of the
> wheel the car slowly wanders to the right, and Im finding myself 
> continuously countersteering against these effects.  I have to go back
> to the shop again with it.  The first two times all they did was rotated
> and aligned the tires to factory specs., but now Im convinced it is 
> something else.  Could it be that the quattro is giving more power to the
> right wheels of the car?  What ideas do you have?
> The tires are brand new, not worn at all.  In fact the car was fine up until
> about a week ago when this developed.

Take the Newt sticker off the back bumper.

No, seriously:  Exchange the front tires side to side and try it.  Radial
tires can develop a pull.  Of course I am assuming you already have
carefully checked the cold air pressure in each tire.