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   My under 3000km Audi quattro is suffering from a pulling to the right.
   This occurs if Im traveling on a straight road, if I let go of the
   wheel the car slowly wanders to the right, and Im finding myself 
   continuously countersteering against these effects.  I have to go back
   to the shop again with it.  The first two times all they did was rotated
   and aligned the tires to factory specs., but now Im convinced it is 
   something else.  Could it be that the quattro is giving more power to the
   right wheels of the car?  What ideas do you have?

   The tires are brand new, not worn at all.  In fact the car was fine up until
   about a week ago when this developed.

Could be a brake caliper partially seized and "pulling". Quickie test:
hop on the highway and scream down the road for awhile. Pull over and
feel the wheels - is one of them noticeable hotter (especially near the
hub, less noticeable near the rims) than the others? If so, that brake
is seizing up (or you have a *serious* bearing problem).

Of course, it could also be that your dealer is an idiot (which, irre-
spective of your particular problem, covers most dealers I have had to
deal with, at least as far as my UrQ goes). Go to a *good* mechanic and
have your suspension ("alignment") checked out properly.