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Re: TQC boosst level in bars

   OK guys...I've been listening to this boost and bars stuff since I've been
   on the net and I'm a little confused about my own vehicle at the moment. 


   It's an '83 TQC that was a single entry vehicle, part Euro (suspension) but
   SUPPOSEDLY American spec engine.  

What's "single entry"?

   Now, the question is the maximum boost that I should be seeing on the boost
   gauge.  Is the norm boost on the TQC's 1.4 bar or is it 1.8?  Mine
   registers 1.8-1.9 on full boost without any mods by me.  If it's supposed
   to be at 1.4, does that mean that I'd have to have the stronger wastegate
   spring that comes on the Euro model or with the IA mods?  Wonder about the
   ECU setup?  Wonder about what HP this beast is actually putting out?!! 
   Seat of the pants has always told me that it was better than 160, but not
   necessarily by much.

   Dave L...got any opinion?   This was just precipitated at lunch with a guy
   who claims that the coupe should be putting out only 1.4 bars of boost.

Well, first off, if you're using that silly little boost guage that Audi
deigns to provide, it's probably accurate within, oh, +- half a bar or
so . . .

Stock, the computer overboost-shutoff point is .7 bar boost or around
11 psi of boost (i.e., 1.7 on the guage scale) at most rpms (lower
trip points at low speeds, like [wildly guessing] 1.2 bar at 2000rpm;
over about 2500 rpm or so it's one constant trip point of 1.7 bar). I
think the "normal" turbo 5-banger of that vintage is 1.4 bar boost

No, wait, I think it's 1.9 bar trip point? Damn, hafta go look at the
chart again. What is that they say about the first thing to go ? ? ?

Get a "real" boost guage first off. (You can install it in the ni$ty ABT
extended dash/instrument pod...)

   Most importantly, wonder how this affects which mods I should spend my
   money on...

Doesn't matter, 'twill absorb any and all money you have no matter what
you do  . . .