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N CA Quattro Club Event

Scott Lampkin, one of the co-chairpersons for Northern California Quattro
Club event, asked if I would post the following message to the List:

The Quattro Club has an event scheduled for March 11-12 in Willows
California, 1 hour North on I-5 from Sacramento, at Thunderhill Park road
course.  This is an organized track event.  The track is wide open (that
means nothing to hit, including guardrails).  March 11 is driver instruction
and training.  March 12 is the event.  Cars are spaced 20 seconds a part
during a heat.  This is for fun and is not a racing event.  You will,
however, become very familiar with the limits of your Audi.  The cost for
the two day event is $295 and $245 for a second driver.

Any questions, suggestions, comments or sign-ups please call Scott Lampkin.
Home: 209-486-3184
Pager: 209-263-4035
Be sure to enter the area code if you use the pager.