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Re: 5ktq bar ?'s

Not sure I totally agree with you glen...  you're right in that the wastgate
spring is part of the stage I and II of the IA mods, however you do get
increased boost with just the computer itself, it's just not complete
(1.8bar/2.0bar) without the spring installed as well.  The wastegate spring,
being part of the stage I and stage II mods, comes with the package, hence my
reference to the I&II.  The stage II can use the stage I spring, you just get
the boost later, the stage III (2.3bar) uses the stage II spring, so to avoid
any confusion, I just eliminated that part of the story, and why me refers to
mods as mods not computer...  An adjustable Wastegate Spring perch can
eliminate the use for any of the above non stock spring installs btw...