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starting problems

Two weeks ago I posted that my 87-5kq sputtered to a stop and wouldn't start 
for ten minutes... well...
I had a recurrence where it stalled, but could be restarted, the chugged and 
spluttered at all revs like it had a severe miss, or a fuel blockage.

Armed with my now reproducable problem and a high level of frustration I 
took it to my nearest mechanic (didn't want to drive it 20 miles across twon 
to the Audi dealer.

After tests etc. he determined that the cold start valve had what appeared 
to be a corroded or bad electrical connection that caused it to stay open, 
thus flooding the engine. He said there was a large amount of gas in the oil 
and the plugs were all wet. Corrective action was cleaning the electric 
contacts, covering them in electrolyte, changing oil and filter, and 
cleaning the plugs. It seems to work OK now, although maybe it hesitates 
around 2500rpm now (could just be imagination).

My question to the quattrophiles (auddicts?) is .. DOes the above sound 
reasonable? is it common, or has it happened to anyone on a 5000? Is there 
likely to be other things this gu didn't find?
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