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Re: Bart's party

Murari, Alan C., Dave D., Steve B., Peter F., Shea & Brigitte R.,
Ned, Jef J., and all you other Noble Q-heads,

And a special hello to all the wiseas... er, *comedians* who picked up
on my screw-up by sending my congratulations (for our own Mike and Jeane
Young on their recent Nuptuals).

You are *all* invited to [Obligatory Audi-relevance follows:] hop into your 
beloved Ur-Quattros & assorted other flavors of Quattro (Hey!, even the 
non-Quattro, FWD audis are invited) and drive out *celebrate* said nuptuals!

When:                Sat, 3/25/95 @ 12:00 noon
Where:               Adam's (Sports Bar cum (great) BBQ joint)
                     Edgewater, MD, but start at Bart's house:
What:                Party! Eating, Drinking, congratulating, fellowship, etc.
Why:                 (Jeez, doncha read...)
Where to meet:       At Bart's House, have a glass of champers, convoy to Adams
How do I get there?  From Wash DC Beltway, take US50 (John Hanson Hiway) East
                     At mile marker 16, exit onto MD 450/Davidsonville Road
                     (Exit ramp splits) Take Left fork, and
                     Turn Left onto 424/Davidsonville Road (North)
                     (Cross over US50)  Go about 150 meters to crossroads
                     (at crossroads) Turn RIGHT onto Rossback Road
                     Follow Rossback for about 2 miles to first LEFT
                     (at first left) Turn LEFT onto Rutland Road
                     Follow Rutland for about .7mile, to First RIGHT
                     Turn RIGHT onto Lavall Drive (whew, we're close now...)
                     Follow Lavall, go under power lines, then pass 2 streets
                       on right, Watch for Street Light Pole with "Dead End"
                       sign (on right)  THIRD drive way, on LEFT, PAST the
                       "Dead End" sign, is Marked 1270 on Mail Box stand.
                       Voila!  You have arrived.  C'mon Back!  (Way back)
What if I get lost:  Call (410) 721-2989.

How Much:            Donations would be accepted to defray the Champers, the
                       rest will be "Dutch" at Adams...

For those of you needing airline accomodations, ummmmmm... (how to put this, er,
"delicately"...)  Does the term, "SOL" ring any bells (he asked, sadly...)?

Bart (& the usual suspects)