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Re: O2 Sensor monitors

  Under normal load the O2 display bounces around (as it should) in the
  center region, indicating normal mixture/operation. On closed throttle it
  indicates very lean, and at WOT the bouncing stops, as the CIS goes
  open-loop and to max mixture enrichment, and the display indicates a
  steady, rich mixture. Basically, it behaves exactly as I would expect. I
  have not observed any lean-out conditions at 17 PSI boost without any
  special mixture enrichment above and beyond that which is built into the
  ur-Quattro CIS fuel control system. The mixture is even richer if I
  switch on the auxiliary mixture enrichment system from Callaway. As I
  don't need the additional fuel from the Callaway system at 17 PSI with a
  stock cam and S4 turbo, the Callaway system has been temporarily
  disconnected. I plan to experiment with the system further with the
  Killer ur-Quattro Engine From Hell, once the new engine is installed.
  This project is now officially underway, with the order for the custom
  pistons going in to Arias from my engine builder this week or next. More
  to follow on the KuQEFH project as it develops.