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Re: used prices

Here's some used prices from the 2/24/95 Boston Globe:

'92 100CSQ auto.       $19.9K
'90 200T auto. 78K     $13.5K
'90 V8 50K             $19.9K (and room to move) @Wagner MB/BMW/Audi 508-869-6766
'91 100 auto.          $13K
'88 5kS 80K            $4.2K
'85 4ks 110K           $1.5K
'86 5kCST              $3K
'87 5kS 74K            $4K
'89 100Q               $6K
'90 90Q  52K           $11.9K
'86 4kCSQ              $3.6K
'92 S4 29K CD, 2 sets. of wheels $33K

I called to get the price on the V8 and the guy sounded real eager.
I'm not sure of the typical price, but the mileage seems pretty low.

I never really noticed many Audi's on the road until I bought mine,
but now I see them everywhere (New England).

I pulled into a used car lot and noticed a 1986 200TQ (Euro) 227HP.
150K mi. and the guy wanted $5K. I opted for the '89 80Q 89K $7K.
I wanted the 200, but lacked the seeds to do it. The guy had Q's 
all over his lot, and he's more interested in dealing w/BMW's.

I see quite a few Q's for sale around here, so if anyone ever
is looking, I can usually get alot of different models/prices
(except Ur's).