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Re: O2 Sensors

O2 sensors in the audis changed from 2 wire to 3 wire in 1986(?)...  This
move ios to heat the O2 sensor to its proper operating temp b4 the manifold
does (about 600-650degrees).  This move also permits the mounting of the O2
downstream of the very hot manifold (BMW mounts the O2 right in the front of
the cat on my friends 87 635).  The object, beyond heat control, is that the
O2 sensor last longer away from the high heat cycle components (read turbo
man gets into the 1600-1900range).  The heated O2's are simple to upgrade to,
and many race modified turbos go to them to make them last longer (did it on
a race scirocco and a race spec GLH turbo in past lives). a quick weld of a
nut to the exhaust (18X125mm) and a 12v source will do...