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Re: New England Audi Events

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Date: Fri, 24 Feb 95 15:27:50 EST
From: leveckis@icd.teradyne.com (Tom Leveckis)
Reply-To: quattro@swiss.ans.net
Subject: New England Audi Events
To: quattro-digest@swiss.ans.net

Are there ever any Audi type events in
the Boston area? I've had my '89 80Q
for a year now and would like to become
more involved in Audi happeneing.

Tom Leveckis


There is an event scheduled at Lime Rock Park Connecticut on August 14-15.  My 
tentative schedule shows Stanley Olin-Dabrosky as the event master.  Been 
there twice, and it is a nice track, although small.  The Watkins Glen event 
on July 10-11, wouldn't be that far of a drive either.  There is also an event 
scheduled at Summit Point, West VA.
The QCUSA can provide you with all the details.

Quattro Club USA
7700 Quattro Drive
Chanhassen, MN  55317
612 474-8628

Good Luck


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