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Re: cold/warm transition

I was hoping someone here can help me...

on my '91 90Q20V I seem to be having a 'problem' on the cold/warm 
transition stage. On a cold morning, I start the car (It starts 
flawlessly) and holds an idle fine. I let it warm for about 30 seconds 
and get on my way. The car seems to have normal power, although I dont 
push the car and short shift it at about 2000 rpms until warm. On my 
commute, I'm on the highway within a mile. Once on the hiway, the car 
seems to go 'flat' all of the sudden and I need to give it 80% throttle 
to keep it going. This only happens for about another mile, then the car 
must be adequetly warm to go back to normal.
Other than that it seems just fine, good power, smooth climb to redline 
(once up to operational temp), no hesitations etc. I only use 93 or 
better gas, have new plugs/rotor/cap (it is possible to change the rotor 
without changing the whole distributer!!! AMEN!!)

Im not sure my postings actually get through, I posted a message a couple 
of times about trying to find a stainless exhaust for this car, and 
wondered if a non 20V Q exhaust would fit....but I got no responses.  
Hopefully someone will respond to this so I know if my email works!

Thanks in advance.