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Re: Scalloped tires?!? and parts appetite...

>This week I had the 22.5k service for my '93 90CS.

>Changing the subject... I love this car, but it seems to have a healthy
>appetite for parts; something I hope it outgrows before the warrantee and
>free service period expire. In 22.5k miles and 1 1/2 years: 1 radiator fan,
>1 climate control temp. sensor, 2 steering dampers, 1 rear brake caliper,
>1 idle stablizer, 1 rear defroster switch, 1 power steering hose (no trouble
>but replaced under factory update program) and now the radio is going flakey 
>and the tach is getting sticky.
>Hopefully, I'll break everything else that's going to break in the next year
>and a half :-)

My 1988 90Q (I know it is different than yours) has 140K in 7 years.  The
following items have been replaced:

--  Computers (Both FI and Ignition) (30K)
--  Idle Stabilizer (Chasing running problems 30K)
--  O2 Sensor (50K)
-- Catalytic Converter (40K) (Hard running tends to melt them down)
--  Radiatior (135K)
--  Coil (50K)
-- Brakes (105K)
-- Clutch (new) and tranny rebuilt (135K)
-- Door lock lever (125K)
-- AC pieces and parts (110K)
--  Hoses and belts (twice I think)
--  Hydraulic tappets-2 of them - they still rattle when cold (130K)

Actually not to bad considering the exercise the car has gotten.