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Re: width of compose window

On Feb 25, 10:04am, Barton P. Chambers wrote:
> Subject: Re: width of compose window
> Rob,
> > > i was wondering if you know how to get Z-Mail to open Compose window
> > > with a certain width. i changed my font and now after startup all the
> > > windows are opened too small.
> You might want to ftp to boombox.micro.umn.edu/pub and get yourself a copy
> of POPmail.  It's available for Macs, Unix boxes, and PCs (sounds like you
> use a pc.  My condolences.)  BTW, this is also the site to get the latest
> Gopher & TurboGopher clients, FWIW (ASAP, YMMV and lost of other neat tools
> of literature that, per the Lunatic Herb Meyers, ol' Will Shakespeare
> killed for...)
> Bart
>-- End of excerpt from Barton P. Chambers

Yikes! Sorry for this Z-Mail message getting posted to quattro. Seems
occasionally, the reply feature gets excited and the reply goes elsewhere.
Thanks, Bart, for the pointer to POPmail. I may just look into it. No PC here,
though. Sparc 10 at work, MAC on the homefront!

-- Rob

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