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Re: Scalloped tires?!? and parts appetite...

> >The problem did become evident, however, immediately after having the tires
> >rotated about six months ago. Now that those tires have been moved to the 
> >rear again, the vibration is gone from the front end.
> >
> >-Chris
> Just curious, were those tires directional? And could they have switched
> sides and therefore the direction of rotation? This happened to me with a
> set of Yokos several years ago. Yep, they scalloped shortly after rotation.

I don't believe that the OEM Goodyear Eagle GAs are directional, but if
anyone knows better, speak up!

I suppose that it's possible that the dealer swapped sides with them when
rotating, but who knows? I would hope that if the tires were directional
that they'd know better than to do that. But we are talking dealer here...