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Hi, and by the way,

Hi all,

I back, as of last Friday morning/afternoon.

New E-mail address is cordeiro@avlna.com

and, now for the bad news.

Last Friday evening, while going home from work the clutch pedal
went down to the floor. I reached down and pulled it up ( I was
still in the parking lot ) and it seemed to be fixed.

Later it bottomed out twice on the way home at various
freeway interchange gear shifts. 

There seemed to be no fluid loss, and so I thought I'd bleed
the system to get out any grit/gunk. I definately cleaned it
out, ( should have long ago from the looks of the fluid ) but 
the clutch is still "intermittant".

Has anyone else solved this problem for an '86 5k clutch. I beleive
all the 5ks have the same hydraulic clutch system.

Since there are no leaks, I think its the master cylinder, but 
there is this pedal return spring thing ( Bentley ) that seems 
to be related.

( I wonder if it was coincidance that a few hours after I got
back on the net that my Audi gave trouble. Perhaps there is a 
"Audi problem virus" on this net. )

Alan Cordeiro
'86 5KTQ