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Re: cold/warm transition

>I was hoping someone here can help me...
>on my '91 90Q20V I seem to be having a 'problem' on the cold/warm 
>transition stage. On a cold morning, I start the car (It starts 
>flawlessly) and holds an idle fine. I let it warm for about 30 seconds 
>and get on my way. The car seems to have normal power, although I dont 
>push the car and short shift it at about 2000 rpms until warm. On my 
>commute, I'm on the highway within a mile. Once on the hiway, the car 
>seems to go 'flat' all of the sudden and I need to give it 80% throttle 
>to keep it going. This only happens for about another mile, then the car 
>must be adequetly warm to go back to normal.

this is the same symptom as my 87-5kq before it died competely. As covered 
in a separate thread the mechanic claims that this was a faulty connection 
to the cold start valve causing too rich a mixture.
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