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Re: Insurance ?'s

On Sun, 26 Feb 1995, Andrew Shea wrote:

> 	When I had my 4000cs on the road, I paid $1200 a year in
> insurance.  Now that I own a 5ktq (great car) my insurane is lower!!!
> In the end I will end up paying about $100 less a year.  Remember, the
> 4000 was non quattro.  I guess what I am asking is, "Why am I paying
> less insurance on my expensive all-wheel drive turbo charged car than I
> did on my 4000?"

Did you make any other changes in your life?  Did you get married?  If 
you had previous violations on your record and they were removed from 
record, this might also be a cause.  Think about everything carefully.
                --raped by insurance for speeding tickets