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No Subject

Hello folks

I have this curious problem on my '85 5000S [3-speed
auto, five-cyl 2200cc engine]. For the last two months,
the tranny moves from first directly to third at about
3000 rpm (under my normal driving style). Second is 
completely skipped.

The usual shift points for my driving style were 
about 22-2400 (first to second as well as second to third)
Earlier suggestions included changing the tranny
oil. Been there, done that - no fix. I'll
try changing the oil again this weekend, but i'm
doubtful that the fluid is the cause.
Other suggestions were from Ned Bennett :

> From: TACE96A@prodigy.com (MR NED BENNETT)

>      Your transmission has no electrical features and for this you should
> be thankful.  I would guess you might have a governor or throttle valve
> problem.  The governor sits on top left of the differential about under the
> master cylinder & is removed by removing its cover which is held by 2 10mm
> bolts.  Just pull the cover off, pull the governor out & you should see 1
> brass gear with all its teeth straight & not chewed, 1 each centrifugal
> weight, spring & bb sized ball bearing, and 2 holes w/ very small drillings
> that should be perfectly clean.  If all is well, just put the governor &
> cover back where they came from.  The relative rotational location of the
> gear is unimportant.

I cant seem to find this governor from above. I dont have the
Bentley manual, and the Haynes manual makes no mention of this
device. Would it be called by another name ?

Also, would it be necessary to remove anything else to get
at this governor ?

Any special tools required ?

>        The throttle valve in the transmission (tells the transmission how
> late to shift based on the location of the throttle which is responding to
> your foot) is operated by a linkage and rod which runs diagonally down the
> drivers side of the engine block from the throttle to the transmission.
> Most of these linkages have not been pampered with even 1 drop of oil
> during their long and faithful careers and if one happens to come apart
> before it reaches the promised land the transmission will think strange
> thoughts and dream strange dreams.

Could someone please tell me where exactly this linkage is,
and how i should lubricate it ?

>  *ned bennett*
I would really appreciate it if someone could toss
a few ideas at this problem. Since the wkend's coming
up, what better way to spend it than under an Audi, eh ?