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90 cq 20v solutions and complaints

This is my first note in this conference, so if I am not following the
proper protocol, let me know.

I purchased a 1990 Coupe Quattro (pearl white/black, 37,000 miles) in December,
and after driving it for a while, have some questions, comments, and a few
answers to some questions people have posted.


CLIMATE CONTROL: I too was/am peeved by the fact that I can't get hot air
out of the dash vents. There were some by people who had similar complaints.
(the symptom is that air only comes out of the dash vents when the temperature 
is set lower than abut 68 degrees. As soon as its punched up to "warm" the
dash vent air diverter flaps close). After running the complete Bently 
diagnostic procedure and finding nothing, I took the car to an Audi dealer. 
The mechanic said that they were all like that, but the service manager also
found that hard to believe and called the Audi tech line. He was told
that the owners manual is wrong and that there is, indeed, no way to get hot 
air from the vents. That is the way the controller is programmed, and I 
confirmed this by using the "flap position display function" in the diagnostic 
mode. This, by the way, means that there is NO DIFFERENCE between Bi-Lev and 
Auto when it's cold out and you are heating.

I found a fairly easy work-araound. I put a "T" connector on the black vacuum 
supply line (underneath carpet edge, behind glove box) and attached 2 foot 
section of thick wall vacuum tubing to the T. I pulled off the yellow  line to 
the "half to the dash" port on the diverter flap servo (just to the left of 
the passenger footwell), plug it, and supplied the port with constant vacuum 
from the "T". This makes it so I always get some air from the dash, and  if 
I DON'T want  any, I just shut the dash vent with the thumb wheel. 

The whole system is, imho, WAY too "automatic". The *** systems is
always making decisions I don't like. Plus one should by able to control 
temperature with a knob, not hard to use when you're driving little

LIGHT BULBS IN THE HEATED SEAT SWITCH: Both burnt out within three weeks of
purchase. These bulbs are on all the time, not just when the dash lights
are on. I, as someone previously mentioned, disassembled the switch and 
replaced the bulb. It is available at Radio Shack, part number 272-1092. They
cost $1.49  for two,  vs $83.00 for a new switch.  

It takes about 15 minutes. I can write a procedure if anyone needs it.

The power mirror direction rosettes light are also replaceable, but the 
re-assembly of the swithc proved to be a little more tricky.

(Don't read this part if you don't like whining.....)

In addition to the aforementioned climate control, there are more annoying
little details on the car than there should be. 

The seats are the most uncomfortable I have sat in since my mom's 1967 
Oldsmobile station wagon. Why can't they just use Recaro's the way Recaro 
designs them? I can drive for 8 hours in my Alfa Milano 3.0 (which came with 
"Real" Recaro seats), whereas my back hurts after 15 minutes in these. 
I am trying to repad the seats, with limited success.

The cruise control on/off slide drags across the back of one's fingers
when you flick the high beam switch forward. It's not much, but doesn't
feel right to me, somehow. Plus the cruise has no "decel set" function. 
Both Mercedes and BMW use separate stalks for the cruise controls, and that
works great.

There's no dead pedal for you left foot. I have ordered the parts from 
a 95 90 and will see if they fit. 

Unlocking or locking the trunk should unlock and lock the whole car's central
locking system. The way it is now, you have to use the keys twice.....

Why do they use the same tiny air filter for the 164 hp 20v as the 115/135
hp 10 V engine?

The cars springs are too stiff and shocks to soft. It bounces like a Cadillac
when you come to a stop.

There, now I feel better......

One more thing: My brother has an 88 5ktq, and is having problems with the ABS
that neither his mechanic nor the dealer can fix. The warning is on
and the abs doesn't work. The diagnostic computer at the dealer found nothing.
A new abs computer does not fix it. Any ideas?

Dave Michael


72 Fiat Coupe - 79 Saab 99 Turbo - 84 Dodge Daytona Turbo - 84 Audi 80 Quattro
(Europe) - 84 Alfa GTV-6 - 87 Alfa Milano 3.0 - 86 Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 -
90 Audi Coupe Q 20V.


The Alfa and the Audi.