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Re: O2 Sensors

PDQSHIP@aol.com sez:
> Yes you're right the O2 is a result of the epa buttheads...  The side benefit
> is that you can now install the O2 downstream, basically anywhere in the
> exhaust, but some O2 sensors are only effective (backpressure) b4 the cat...
>  This flexibility becomes key when you have a modified turbo engine spewing
> flames and hi heat to the sensor decreasing its effective life.  I personally
> used to burn up O2 on my glh turbo to the tune of 1 every 6-10k miles, so the
> heated 3 wire sensor was a welcome and cheap upgrade to the car...  Sometimes
> those goofballs at the EPA can do you a favor in spite of themselves...

Oh, I hadn't thought of it that way -- that's a good idea!

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